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Data Recovery





Lost data? Other agencies not able to recover your data ? Do not panic! Relax!
Just Infotech (vadodara) recover all your important data.
Just Infotech (Baroda, Gujarat India) guarantees up to 100% of your valuable data by deploying highly skilled recovery professionals, specialized expertise & cutting edge technology, when you need it most.
We support a wide range of Media’s such as Desktop hard Disks (5.25”), Laptop Hard Disks (3.5”, 2.5” & 1.8”), USB Devices & Removable Drives, Zip Diskettes, CD, DVD, Floppies, Memory sticks & other digital media devices with unmatched success rate available in the country
We are one of the most experienced data recovery service providers in Vadodara (Baroda)- Gujarat and have successfully handled various complex recovery conditions. An excellent data recovery expertise has been gained for all storage media like Hard Disks, Micro Drives, ZIP Media, Floppy Disks, Memory Cards, Pen Drives, Flash Disks, RAID Systems and Tape Media.
The combination of experience, strong R&D assures high customer satisfaction. Believe in us and we would deliver the most professional, quickest and safest data recovery service for Windows 7, Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Linux, UNIX etc.
Our services are considered as the best data recovery services for recovering deleted files, lost data from logically crashed hard drives and data from corrupt files. Our data recovery labs have developed the best data recovery software products, which are widely used by system administrators, forensic experts, data recovery technicians to recover deleted files and lost data.
Just Infotech also offers Laptop Reparing Services in Vadodara, Ahemdabad, Anand, Nadiad, Bharuch, Dahod, Godhra and other major cities of Gujarat.

Our main Data Recovery Services are following:

• Data Recovery from Formatted Hard Disk
• Data Recovery from Deleted Partition
• Data Recovery from Accidental Data for File Deletion
• Data Recovery from Corrupted File System (FAT, FAT32, NTFS etc.)
• Data Recovery from USB Pen Drive
• Data Recovery from Flash Disk
• Data Recovery from Memory Cads
• Deleted Files Recovery
• Password Recovery from MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and other types of files.